Responsible business
Along with the legal requirements the company does its best to meet, we also strive to satisfy the highest expectations of our Clients and Consultants. We bear responsibility to Siberia and the Siberian region, because we were born here, we cherish this land and do everything possible to preserve its precious nature.
We develop, produce and sell products for well-being, sport and beauty.
Our business operates in 65 countries: officially trading in Europe, Vietnam, Russia and the CIS countries.
The highest level of reliability according to the best Siberian enterprises rating (Rosstat, among 600 thousand organizations).
to customers
Complete consistency
Anyone buying Siberian Wellness products can be 100% sure: everything written on the package, insert, product description on the website or catalog is absolutely true.
Natural and pure products
You won't find parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors or flavors in our products.
"... After workout, I always use #Siberiansupernaturalsport protein by @siberianwellness. As I have been drinking it for quite some time, I can be sure to recommend it for its all-natural formula, free from E numbers. Besides, it's absolutely free from sugar and palm oil. The product has very pleasant tastes and light consistency."
International acclaim
Company's production is certified to the most advanced quality standards: ISO, GMP, FDA. A part of our products (as well as key components) undergoes clinical trials in certified research organizations.
to Consultants
Legitimate and world-recognized business
We run clear, efficient and absolutely legal business. Company Consultants promote an effective product to specific target audiences and reveal opportunities of Siberian Wellness brand to those who have tried the product and warmed to our ideas.

Own powerful production and unique recipes enable you to fill your niche in the market of well-being, sports and beauty products, successfully competing with major mass market brands.
Promote and sale are key principles of any business
In order to start business with us, no initial investments or peculiar experience are required, however, to achieve high ranks you need to work hard every day. Every ruble is yours. The business opens up an opportunity to get high paychecks, a car and travel, but all of this hinges on hard work, Consultant's experience and teamwork.
We bear great responsibility to our Consultants: providing them with first-class, efficient and competitive products, equipping with marketing campaigns and tools, introducing new opportunities to enter new markets. We always fulfill not only financial but also human obligations by giving support, advice, and help. We represent responsible business, that's why thousands of Consultants around the world join us.
Consultants: support and responsibility
Marina Savosteeva, Business Leader, Russia
Andrey Kutsaenko, Business Leader, Serbia
Consultants telling about their career with the Company:
Responsibility to the Siberian region
Over 22 years we share Siberia with the world
Hundreds of thousands of people from Europe, Vietnam and the CIS countries trust Siberian Wellness.

We actively promote the image of Siberia at the international level: as a result, Clients from 65 countries across the world learned about the richest nature and incredible people of Siberia!
We were born in Siberia, and over 22 years we have been producing natural products for well-being, sport and beauty based on wild Siberian herbs.
On-site activities
We are actively creating new jobs (the third production unit was put into operation) and we are one of the major taxpayers in the region.
"Industry Leader – 2017"
Responsibility to wellness of future generations of Russia
Every day the Company attracts plenty of new clients into a healthy lifestyle – we spark enthusiasm to do sports and people join our initiatives and start a new lifestyle!
Athletes and reigning champions opt for Company's sports products:
"I use whey protein by Siberian Wellness, because there are practically no available alternatives in terms of the quantity and quality of protein; they all contain flavors, sweeteners and other additives. Only Siberian Wellness offers all-natural products."
European champion, silver medalist of the World Championship, eight-time absolute champion of the Republic of Belarus in bodybuilding.
Aleksey Shabunya
"Nowadays brands produce a great variety of supplements, forgetting that there is something more behind the physical culture. I decided on Siberian Wellness, because this is a domestic company that not only produces the highest quality sports nutrition, but also actively supports professional sport in the country."
Oleg Chen
Honored Master of sports, three-time vice world champion (2011, 2013, 2015), two-time champion of Europe (2013, 2014), vice-champion of Europe (2017) and a multiple-time champion of Russia in weightlifting.
"I will prepare for November championship of Russia with @siberianwellness. Its food and supplements did not let me down at the April championship, though I've switched to it quite sharply. Now it's definitely my choice!"
Nika Godun
World-class Master of sports of Russia in swimming, multiple-time champion of Russia.
Olympic movement and sports for the young generation
Company's advanced solutions in the field of sports development, healthy lifestyle as well as promotion of physical education and sports among young people were fully supported by the Olympic Committee of Russia and the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.
Official supplier of the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk in the category of Healthy Food and Drink
Supporting the Winter Universiade-2019: Company management at the Torch Relay.
We use multistage water and air filtration systems, environmentally friendly flooring and biodegradable materials at the Company's production lines.
Green production
Clean environment
We owe so much to the Nature – that's why we care about what is happening to it. We act: by reviving forests, participating in real protection of endangered plants and animals, helping committed organizations. Moreover, we support ecology of mind by involving more and more people in active, healthy lifestyle.
Responsibility to nature
Projects of The World Around You Charitable Foundation:
Launch of the "Green Wave" volunteer movement. Over 30,000 people were involved in the environmental movement.
170 eco-projects were implemented (from the salvation of saker falcons and snow leopards to territories greening).
Organization of "Herb Hunters" Annual Contest.
More than 10 million rubles were spent on the conservation and protection of Lake Baikal.
mil. rubles
Foundation raised over 47 million rubles to support and preserve nature.
Press & Media
Yoga Journal
March 2019
March 2019
March 2019
We are a public company. Experts of various media write about our products, while our sponsorship projects are reported in topical news media. We always have something to tell and attract with, so we are often asked for comments or are offered to hold public products testing. And we readily accept such offers, as we have absolutely nothing to hide!
Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator by Experalta Platinum series again became the winner of Beauty Awards 2019 annual award by the Good Housekeeping magazine!
The product was evaluated by the expert jury of Russian celebrities.
Experalta Platinum Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator became a winner of the "Beauty Awards 2019" held by the Good Housekeeping magazine!
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